5 Things Businesses Can Do Now to Prepare for Reopening

Things have changed dramatically for local businesses on the Peninsula because of the current health and economic crises. Your bottom line may be impacted, but you don't have to feel powerless. Instead, now is the time to focus on what you can control like continuing to build relationships with your customers and setting yourself up for a successful reopen.

Whether you are an essential business wanting to communicate the way you're protecting your employees and patrons or have closed your doors until the shelter is lifted, your customers are looking to you to best understand how you are looking after them and how they can support you through these trying times. The worst thing you can do right now is go dark. So how do you keep your clientele engaged? To guide you through the unknown, these are five simple and effective ways you can prepare for a successful reopen.

#1 Observe and react

It is more important than ever to pay attention to your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and use them to guide your business decisions. Usually, your main data point would be revenue. But, if you're making far less, if any, it is important to change the way you define success during this time — like your social media engagement, pre-orders, email opens/clicks or how many people are on your email lists. Focusing on building the parts of your business that will ultimately translate into dollars will help you prepare for success on the other side of this crisis.

#2 Customer experience is still #1

How are you helping your customers navigate the next few weeks? This is a time to go above and beyond to make sure they have the best experience possible. If you're not open, this could mean starting an online store, giving them tips on how to execute similar services at home on their own, making sure your website and social media channels stay up to date with relevant information, etc. If you're open, this means communicating if your hours have changed, what services/products are available, how you're keeping your employees and customers safe and your store clean, etc.

#3 Keep the conversation going

Whether you're up and running or not, continuing the conversation is vital to staying relevant. In 2020, we're lucky there are a plethora of ways to connect digitally. The best way to engage your audience from afar? Solve a problem. Whether it's through social media posts, a weekly/monthly newsletter, webinars or publishing sponsored content across our popular news websites, let customers know how you can still improve their lives now and in the future when life gets back to normal.

#4 Offer discounts and promotions

Many of your customers may be feeling the financial strain of this crisis. However, they will also want to know how they can continue to support you. Offering a discount on your services/products can help incentivize them to stock up on gift cards to use later or frequent your store if you're an essential business.

Want to let upwards of 60,000 locals know about your discount? Ask us about our eblasts where you can send our large list of opt-in subscribers a personalized message.

#5 Start planning now

When the shelter-in-place is lifted, businesses will be swarming for prime ad spots to ensure their messages are received by engaged locals, especially with the fall elections quickly approaching. The best way you can ensure your advertising calendar will go as planned? Reserve your spots now for later in the year.

Things will get better

It may seem like the world may never go back to normal, however, experts predict most people will resume many of their typical habits once the crisis has passed. It is imperative that you do everything you can now to prepare for this boom.