4 Reasons Inbound Marketing Is an Important Part of Your Strategy

Outbound marketing, the traditional method that includes display ads, email blasts, trade shows, seminar series and cold calling, is still a very important part of a successful marketing strategy. However, in today's saturated market, inbound marketing is instrumental in drawing new leads to you, rather than you chasing them.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting new customers to you, even before they're ready or looking to make a purchase. So how do you do this? By creating content that provides value, like articles, blogs, sponsored content, social media, SEO (search engine optimization) and downloadable content, you're setting the stage for building long-term relationships with customers, not one-time buyers. But it doesn't stop there. We've identified four major reasons why implementing inbound marketing strategies are so important in our busy world.

4 Reasons Inbound Marketing Works

#1 Creates an organic introduction between you and your lead

When someone interacts with your company for the first time through valuable content, they lose their "anti-marketing" mentality and engage with your brand in an organic way. If they find your content interesting, they will seek more. This will lead them to your website where you can continue to build a relationship with them as they go through their lifecycle of becoming a loyal customer.

#2 Fosters brand awareness, recognition and trust

Inbound marketing strategies build a level of recognition and trust that is hard to beat. If you can deliver high-value content that solves a problem or gives important information, readers will associate that same level of quality with your products/services. This lasting first impression can become two-fold when they discover you through another brand they already trust and engage with on a regular basis. This strategy is called sponsored content, which also increases your reach and helps you tap into a much wider audience.

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#3 It's searchable forever, or as long as you want it to be

Once you publish content online, it is forever there (until you take it down), unlike outbound marketing that only runs for the amount of time you've purchased. This means more potential customers can continue to find your content through search when they're already seeking the information you're providing. Finding your content when their interest is at its peak makes them a qualified lead, or someone who is more likely interested in your product or service, who will be ready to purchase sooner.

#4 Helps you stand out from other companies that solely rely on outbound marketing

A strong inbound marketing program will put you ahead of the game compared to those simply relying on outbound marketing strategies. We live in a world where everyone is interrupted by advertisements on social media all day long. It's important to be a part of this mix so you stay competitive. But by positioning your company as an expert in your field through inbound strategies, you'll start creating deeper relationships with prospects and customers that your competitors are not.

Always win with a holistic marketing approach.

No matter what, taking a holistic approach to your marketing strategy is the most effective way to increase your reach, build relationships and create a loyal customer base. Your campaign planning should include a combination of inbound and outbound marketing tactics that creates a cohesive brand and drives new and repeat business on a regular basis.